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Why are you guys so awesome?


Hahaha...  that's so kind of you.  Thank you!  We just work really hard.  That's all.

I'm new.  How does this work?


1) Grab a hand saw off of the front gate.  2) Grab a tarp.  They make it a lot easier to slide your tree out of the field without tearing it up.  3) Pick a tree!  You have 100 beautiful acres from which to choose.  4) Haul your tree up to the bailer building to get tied up nice and snug(free of charge).  You may also choose to have us haul it up for you for an additional $10 per tree.  5) Go into the Broken Stone Lodge to pay for your tree.  Any type, any size are all the same price.  We also have all kinds of snacks and knick-knacks.  You may want to shop around for a bit.  6) Tie your tree to the top of your car.  String is provided.  We can not tie it for you due to liability reasons.

How much are trees this year?
They are $85.00 (tax already included).  Any size and any type of tree!
How do I keep needles from dropping?


You must be diligent about watering.  Check the water level in your tree stand once a day.  Especially when you first get the tree home.  A fresh cut tree drinks a lot of water!  You will see it's water uptake taper off after about a week.  As long as the trunk is under water you are fine.  It's a sure-fire way to make after season cleanup much easier.  Another good tip is to cut about an inch off of the trunk of the tree when you get it home.  Resin can form on the bottom of the tree preventing water uptake.  It's not 100% necessary, but it's a good way to ensure your tree will remain fresh for a longer period of time.  A few years ago we experimented with a Norway Spruce that retained it's needles for two months indoors!

Where's the petting zoo?


The petting zoo is located in the Broken Stone Lodge in the back.

Are you "dog friendly"?


Yes absolutely!  We love dogs!  Be sure to keep yours on a leash and clean up after him/her.  We don't want a customer draggin their tree through poopy.

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