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Christmas Trees

Choosing the perfect tree is an exciting family tradition.  There are families that have been loyal patrons of ours for many generations.  It's our friendly staff, fun atmosphere, and wide selection of evergreens that keep them coming back.  We have over 100 acres and thousands of trees to pick from.

Trees available(sizes vary):

  • Norway Spruce

  • Colorado Blue Spruce

  • White Pine

  • Scotch Pine

  • Canaan Fir

Sizes available up to 10'
$85 (tax included)

Free tree bailing...

What we Believe 

We believe in growing and maintaining a superior product.  Our trees are grown from small plugs that, in some cases, take ten years to get to a cut-able height.  Year round care and maintenance is imperitive to bring our customers the best possible tree.  We take great pride in educating our customers in the proper ways to care for their new trees as we have.  


We also believe in keeping our farm in tip-top shape.  Mowing and landscaping are daily tasks here at Corsi Tree Farm, giving our customers a beautifully manicured view of the layout.  We have had many patrons return to shoot engagement photos, family photos, baby pictures, and nature photography.  Good groundskeeping has enabled us to grow the business and maintain our Christmas tree farm since 1955.



Why Real Trees 

  • You can reduce your carbon footprint by cutting a live tree on a farm

  • The bulk of artificial trees are made from non-recyclable plastic and end up in landfills

  • Most artificial trees are imported from China

  • Live trees create oxygen

  • The pine fresh smell fills your home

  • The experience of choosing and cutting a tree can be a fun bonding experience for the whole family

  • You are supporting a local independent business 

  • IT IS FUN!


The Broken Stone Lodge

The lodge is where all the action is!  This is where you purchase your tree, listen to live music, enjoy that hot cup of joe, and pick up a few stocking stuffers... and there's a free petting zoo in the back!  Check out a few of our knick knacks below.

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